Nutrition workshops

Whether you are community group, business, school or group of friends, I can run a workshop to suit your needs – both in person and online. Here are some of the workshops I have run before. I am also happy to put together bespoke sessions.

Parents workshop: Teaching your children about food

10 things to teach your child about food. Covers not just nutrition but lots of practical advice about how to teach children about food preparation, shopping and where food comes from, in order to foster a positive relationship with food.

What’s in your food?

A session for all ages looking at food labels and what is in our food.

Eating on a budget

A practical session on how to eat healthily on a budget. Covers the basics of healthy eating as well as finances.

Eating for pregnancy

Workshop covers all the best foods to eat for a healthy pregnancy and reduce the risk of complications. We cover vitamins and minerals, good hydration, reducing nausea and dizziness and much more. 

Healthy Eating for Carers

3 hour workshop about healthy eating aimed at reducing the barriers carers face when trying to eat healthily. Specific focus on small, achievable goals. Telephone followup for each participant a month after the workshop.

Eating to survive your exams

A 2 hour workshop aimed at students. This session includes tips on what to eat as well as advice about budget cooking within limited time availability.

If you would like Aliya to run a workshop for you, either one of the above or a bespoke one, please send a message using the form below.

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